WaveWall ‘Flip’, Anti Radiation Mobile Phone Case, with Tested Radiation-Shielding Property, Non-Toxic PU Leather Protective Cover, for Reduced Exposure from EMF & RF, Apple iPhone 6/6S – RED: Electronics



THE BEST ANTI-RADIATION PROTECTION CASE IS FINALLY HERE! Compatible with several mobile phone models, our stylish, vegan-friendly, radiation reducing case will reduce the amount of radiation you are being exposed to almost every day ? the very same radiation that WHO has listed as a Class 2B Carcinogen!

KEEP YOUR HEAD AND BODY SAFE FROM RADIATION! Even cell phone manufacturers warn that it’s best to keep your phone away from your body because the radiation exposure can exceed FCC regulations; thankfully, your new protective case blocks up to 87% of EMF radiation!

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN & INDEPENDENTLY TESTED! Unlike many products in the market including pendants, charms, and various similar trinkets which have no scientific proof that they actually work, the WaveWall flip case was independently tested and proven to be a great anti-radiation protection aid!

SLEEK & ULTRA PRACTICAL DESIGN! Made of premium quality, vegan friendly leather, and featuring a practical magnetic closure and holes for your headset’s jack, your charging cable, and your camera lens, this amazing case isn’t only handy, it is also great to look at!

ORDER NOW WITH FULL CONFIDENCE! We have given our best in order to provide you with a high-end quality cell phone case that will protect you from EMF radiation at an amazing price. However, if you aren’t perfectly happy with your purchase, you have 30 days to return it and get a full refund!

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