Pelotek; iPhone XS Cherry Blossom Case, iPhone XS Colorful Wallet Case | Elegant Pink White Floral Design Pattern Luxury Wallet Case | with Strong Inner Case Credit/ID Card Money Holder Slots (Cherry)



? ELEGANT PREMIUM LEATHER: Compatible with iPhone X and iPhone XS. This unique and coloful premium leather wallet cover case. It has a soft interior material that offers a good safeguard of your phone at all times. It Protects your Apple iPhone against scratches, dirt’s, and constant wear and tear that occurs in our daily activities. This genuine Leather enables you to feel assured that your phone is well protected and will even keep it in a brand-new condition.

? SOPHISTICATION-FUNCTIONALITY: This phone case comes with Credit card/ ID card compartment. Therefore, you can easily and quickly store your ID Card, Credit card and Cash within this highly sophisticated wallet phone case. The unique design makes all ports and the camera section to be accessible even while the cover is on. It is residue free.

? MEGNETIC FLIP COMPARTMENTS: This offers durability with a high level of elegance. The Magnetic Flip is designed in a way that the left and right sides of the phone together, are firmly held without any fear of the phone falling off from its case. This unique feature makes both the phone and the case to be handy. The handy feature is a great delight because you can take along your valuables without any form of difficulty.

? ACCESIBILITY: This phone case guarantees an easy way to access all ports and camera units without any manual or guide. With a soft press on the buttons, operations are executed in a timely response. No form of energy is required when using this phone case. It is easy to move around and it allows devices to be connected to the phone without any form of stress.

? STATE-OF-THE-ART EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR DESIGN: The Exterior and Interior lining design has been proven to be of made of high-quality leather material that makes our customers to purchase them at first glance because of its durability and it’s unique floral pattern. This durability guarantees an odorless certified scratch resistant and strong scratch-proof. This guarantees complete protection over your entire phone body.

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