[Gorilla Clip] CASE123 MPS Classic TLS Genuine Leather Oversized Swivel Belt Clip Holster for Apple iPhone X for use with Apple Leather Case and TPU Covers- Black Cowhide



Strategically sized for an iPhone X wearing a slim case or cover

Gorilla Clip with 2mm diameter stainless steel pivot shaft, new computer-aided design reinforced construction, 360 degrees rotating swivel belt clip with 24 lock positions

Easy access holster flap for ease of phone retrieval. All around genuine leather construction with durable inner lining. Not compatible with use of plug in headphones or earbuds.

Maximum inner dimensions: 70.8m x 142mm x 9.5mm (2.78 x 5.62 x 0.38)

For use with Apple leather case, TPU covers, and other very slim single layer cases only. A bare iPhone X would be too loose on this holster.

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